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Multi-Groove Dowel Pins

Our premium multi-grooved Birch dowel pins are made from the highest quality Birch lumber. We engineer our pins to a diameter tolerance of +/- .005" with a moisture content of 6-8%. The premium fluted design insures even glue dispersion to create a strong joint while allowing air to escape the hole. This is important because it prevents blowouts in your material and leads to a stronger joint. Flutes on our multi grooved pins are designed to collapse under pressure to ensure a great fit even if the pins are slightly larger than the hole.
We recommend applying glue to both the pin and the inside of the hole to ensure even glue coverage.

Diameters Available: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"
Diameter Tolerance: +/- .005"
Length Tolerance: +/- 1/32"

Call us for bulk pricing and custom sizes!

We do not treat our dowel pins with any chemicals making them safe for mushroom growing and the environment

We now offer convenient woodworking kits with an assortment of pins. Perfect for the home workshop.
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