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Large Diameter 30" Cherry Dowels

Our Premium Large Diameter Cherry Dowels are made from laminated lumber. Laminated lumber is sometimes confused with veneer or pressed wood; however, laminated lumber is real wood.

We make our laminated dowels using the following process:

1.) We choose the best wood glue to fit the application and the species of wood. ( We use an interior wood glue that is not waterproof. )
2.) We plane our lumber to ensure an even surface for adhesion.
3.) We then glue the lumber together to create turning squares.
4.) Completed turning squares are processed into 30" long round dowels.

Why Laminate and not solid?

We are able to keep your costs down by laminating our lumber. Not only does this allow us to create the highest quality dowel but we are also able to produce dowels that are more stable. As the diameter of a dowel becomes larger it becomes less stable due to the grain. Dowels that have been laminated have grains going in various directions preventing the dowel from becoming out of round.

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