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36" Poplar Dowels

Our premium poplar dowels are American made in our factory in Ohio. These high quality dowels are ideal for furniture and other fine woodworking applications.

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Cincinnati Dowel manufactures premium quality dowels made from locally sourced materials. Dowels are sanded and ready to take stain or paint. We do not treat any of our dowels with any chemicals.

We recommend storing dowels horizontally on a flat surface bundled with other dowels. This will limit the tendency of dowels to warp due to moisture in the air.

Wood characteristics:
Location: Eastern United States
Janka Hardness: 540 lbf
Grain: Grain can be tight to medium. Grain pattern is typically straight.
Durability: Poplar is rated as non weather resistant and susceptible to insects.

Poplar is one of our softer hardwoods and is easy to use for turning and figuring.

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